2018 iPhone Sales Are Collapsing, According to New Data

It’s no longer a secret that Apple’s new iPhones aren’t selling as good as the company anticipated, but new data that shows up every once in a while reveals just how awful the sales performance of the 2018 generation really is.

The most recent numbers come from Mixpanel, which usually tracks iOS adoption, but which can also analyze the adoption of new iPhone models based on data it collected in the last years.

Specifically, Mixpanel says the iPhone XR is the best-selling 2018 iPhone so far, with its weekly sales figures topping both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max. When put together, the two XS models manage to beat the iPhone XR, but otherwise, the LCD model is simply the best-selling 2018 iPhone model.

On the other hand, the more worrying figures concern the comparison with the 2017 iPhone X, which itself was originally rumored to sell in numbers that were lo… (read more)

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