7 Reasons Why iPhone SE Continues to Be a Solid Choice

, 7 Reasons Why iPhone SE Continues to Be a Solid ChoiceApple released the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus last year, bringing some very obvious improvements to the predecessors announced in 2016.

iPhone SE was launched in March 2016, as a phone for boosting sales and convincing users of iPhone 5 models to upgrade to a new device, without risking of losing them to Android competitors. iPhone SE can be compared with the iPhone 5 in many ways, but it does share some specs with the iPhone 6s.

We’re offering you seven reasons why iPhone SE is still a solid choice and why perhaps Apple should release a successor, although recent indications have pointed to the fact that the iPhone SE won’t see a continuation.

#1 If you’re looking for a cheap Apple phone, iPhone SE is the answer

Let’s face it, iPhones aren’t exactly cheap and if you’re looking to upgrade your iPhone and at the same time, don’t break the bank, the iPhone … (read more)

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