A Green Future: Apple Says 110 Partners Using 100% Renewable Energy

Apple is one of the companies that are betting big on a green future, and the Cupertino-based firm has been investing aggressively in renewable energy.

Apple has been carbon neutral since 2018, but while achieving this objective on its own what pretty easy, the more ambitious target is to move its entire supply chain to renewable energy by 2030.

And as impossible as that may sound, it looks like the plan is advancing as expected, with Apple announcing today that 110 of its manufacturing partners are now using 100 percent renewable energy. In other words, these companies that are building products for Apple are carbon neutral, thus joining the green future strategy that Apple itself has embraced.

“We are firmly committed to helping our suppliers become carbon neutral by 2030 and are thrilled that companies who’ve joined us span industri… (read more)

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