A Used iPhone Is Much More Expensive than a Second-Hand Android Phone

If you don’t want to pay a thousand bucks on a new iPhone XS and hope to get a used one cheaper, you’re out of luck.

Because as a recent study revealed, the resale value of the iPhone remains the biggest in the smartphone market, as Apple’s smartphones barely deprecate after the launch.

BankMyCell data shows that a new iPhone X, which had a price of $999 when purchased brand new, was resold for no less than $690 nine months later. This means the value of the iPhone dropped 30.93 percent.

Furthermore, the Galaxy S9, which was Samsung’s flagship sold for $720 brand new, could be purchased as a used phone for only $290 nine months later. This means it lost nearly 60 percent.

Just don’t buy a Samsung Galaxy S, the research shows

The analysis shows that iPhones typically decline the most when new models are about to be launched.

“The new iPhone keynote and releases triggered an overwh… (read more)

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