Adobe Announces Photoshop Beta for Apple Silicon

Apple launched its very own custom chip powering a new series of devices earlier this month, and naturally, software developers out there are now working around the clock to optimize their software for the M1 processor.

Adobe is obviously one of them, especially because its suites of tools are super-popular on Apple devices.

And unsurprisingly, Adobe has already started the work on optimizing its software for Apple Silicon, with the very first beta of Photoshop for M1 processors now available for download.

First and foremost, it’s very important to keep in mind that this is early software, so you aren’t recommended to install it on your productivity device unless you just want to experiment with it. However, given it’s an unpolished build of the app, it could obviously come with unreported issues that could affect the way it runs.

Some features are also missing, and Adobe explains that it’s working to bring them to the app as soon as possible. The purpose is to o… (read more)

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