Adobe Releases Illustrator Beta with Apple Silicon Support

Apple rolled out Photoshop for Apple Silicon only a few weeks ago, and now the company is getting ready to also add M1 support to Illustrator.

Adobe has therefore released a beta version of this software, giving users the chance to try it out on their M1-powered devices before the public rollout starts.

“We are excited to announce the first Beta release of Illustrator running natively on Apple Silicon hardware! This early version of Illustrator for Apple Silicon offers many of the core features that you’ve come to rely on for your day-to-day needs. Please give it a try. We would love to hear your feedback. You can download this Beta through the Creative Cloud Desktop app’s Beta Apps section. Look for 25.3.1 version,” Adobe announced in a post on the Illustrator UserVoice page.

The Apple Silicon p… (read more)

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