Android Phone Makers Can’t Copy Apple’s Face ID Because It’s Too Expensive

, Android Phone Makers Can’t Copy Apple’s Face ID Because It’s Too ExpensiveIt typically takes just a few weeks for phone companies, especially those in China, to copy device features introduced by more famous brands like Apple and Samsung, but in the case of the iPhone X facial recognition system, it appears there’s a serious roadblock for this: the high price of the tech.

While Apple wasn’t the first company to bring facial recognition to a smartphone, its system called Face ID was the first to use 3D sensing cameras that provide more accurate scanning and enhanced security.

Unsurprisingly, Android phone makers looked into the technology, but according to a report from Digitimes, they can’t copy it just yet because it’s too expensive.

3D sensing modules currently sell between $30 and $50 a unit, and in the case of devices that are supposed to sell for a couple hundred bucks, this is clearly a major drawback.

Apple bringing Face ID to three iPhone models

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