Apple Accused of Hiding iPhone 7 Manufacturing Defect, Charging for Repairs

Apple is once again going to court, this time due to the notorious Loop Disease that hit a number of iPhone 7 devices.

A class action lawsuit started by three iPhone 7 buyers accuse the Cupertino-based tech giant of selling this particular model in spite of knowing about a so-called “Audio IC Defect” and eventually charging customers for repairs.

Often referred to as “Loop Disease,” the issue was said to be causing problems like degradation of microphone fidelity, disabled speaker options in calls, and loss of voice support in Siri.

Two of the plaintiffs explain that their iPhone 7 smartphones started experiencing audio issues after their warranty expired and Apple charged them for servicing.

“Had Plaintiff Lyvers been aware of the Audio IC Defect, she either would not have  purchased the iPhone 7 Plus, or else would have paid significantly less for it. She has not received the benefit of her bargain. If Plaintiff Lyvers’ iPhone 7 Plus functioned as advertised, M… (read more)

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