Apple Accused of Making Up iPhone Damage to Profit from Battery Replacements

Several iPhone owners are accusing Apple of invoking unnecessary iPhone repairs to replace the degraded battery at a discounted price, in an attempt to charge them more and generate profit from the battery replacement program.

Apple acknowledged in late December that it deliberately slowed down older iPhone models with worn-out batteries in order to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

In a public mea culpa, the Cupertino-based technology giant also announced a battery replacement program taking place throughout 2018 that would allow iPhone customers to swap the battery of their device for just $29 instead of the regular price of $79.

But according to a report from the BBC, Apple might charge customers more in order to first fix damage which the company says does not allow the battery servicing to be finalized.

The cited source quotes an Apple customer named Josh Landsburgh as saying that he was asked by Apple to… (read more)

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