Apple Finally Shuns Adobe’s Flash, Blocks It by Default on the Desktop

Tech companies are one by one giving up on Flash Player because of the issues that it leads to, be they performance- or security-related problems, and Apple is the latest name taking a bold step in the same direction.

Cupertino has announced that, starting with Safari 10 in macOS Sierra, Flash will be disabled by default and will attempt to load the HTML5 version of each website should it exist.

But because Flash continues to remain widely popular across the web, Safari 10 will allow users to manually enable Flash content they discover online, either for each component or across the entire website. An option to enable specific Flash content every time the user visits that website will also be offered, but otherwise, this only happens temporarily, so upon browser restart, the default settings will come into play and keep Flash disabled by default.

“Whenever a user enables a plug-in on a website, it’ll remain enabled as long as the user regularly visits the website … (read more)

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