Apple Fixes the Mysterious Horizontal Lines Plaguing the iPhone 14

Apple fixes the mysterious horizontal lines plaguing the iphone 14Apple has managed to develop a fix for the mysterious horizontal lines that have been plaguing the iPhone 14 Pro since launch.

The fix will be included in the next software update for the iPhone, which is due next week as iOS 16.3.

Spotted shortly after the debut of the iPhone 14 series, the flashing lines showed up after unlocking or powering on the smartphone. At first, many were tempted to believe that it was all a hardware issue, and oddly enough, some customers even managed to get their iPhones replaced at the Apple Store.

This fueled concerns that some devices were fitted with a defective screen, but according to an internal memo obtained by MacRumors, it was all caused by a software bug. Apple started the work on a fix earlier this month, and now it looks like the solution is ready to go live as part of iOS 16.3.

iOS 16.3 to be released to devices … (read more)

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