Apple in Trouble for Playing It Dirty Over the iPhone XS Notch

As if Apple’s problems with the iPhone weren’t enough, two customers are now suing the company for allegedly hiding the notch in the official photos of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

In lawsuit papers, they explain that Cupertino is thus hiding the fact that the 2018 iPhones have fewer pixels that it seems, basically because the notch reduces the available screen estate.

“Defendant’s website is designed to encourage comparisons between the Products and Defendant’s other phones. These comparisons are misleading because the Products have false screen pixel counts that dramatically overrepresent the number of subpixels in the phones,” the lawsuit reads.

While the lawsuit is still pending class-action status, Apple’s alleged sneaky tactics to hide the notch basically comes down to using a black wallpaper that makes the upper part of the screen barely noticeable.

The notch is one controversial design choice that many criticized after being introduced on the iPhone X… (read more)

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