Apple Introduces Cordless AirPods, but Twitter Users Don't React Well

Yesterday Apple held its major event, during which it released the next iPhone 7, but one of the highlights was the fact that the Cupertino company ditched the cord on headphones and introduced wireless earbuds that go by the name of AirPods.

The design of the AirPods is basically the same as the one for previous headphones, minus the cord. However, the technology inside of the buds changed, as Apple added a battery, antenna, microphone, W1 chip, dual accelerometers, and dual optical sensors.

The headphones are expected to deliver a crisp audio experience and take calls while doing a slew of other things. Proximity sensors were included in the AirPods for detecting when they’re inside the user’s ear so that they can turn on. Music automatically turns off when they’re taken out of the ear. You can simply tap on AirPods in order to activate Siri, seeing how they don’t come with any buttons.

The company said that the batte… (read more)

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