Apple Makes Face ID Chip Smaller Allowing for a Redesigned iPhone 13 Notch

We’ve known for a while that Apple plans to make the iPhone 13 notch smaller, and now a report today reveals one way the company plans to use for this purpose.

Digitimes reveals that Apple has reduced the dimensions of the VCSEL chip powering Face ID by as much as 50 percent, so overall, the size is nearly half as compared to the iPhone 12. This means the Face ID system overall would be smaller too, so in its turn, the notch itself is also getting a worthy improvement.

Smaller notch on the iPhone 13

But in addition to smaller Face ID, Apple has also found another way to make the notch overall easier to live with on the upcoming iPhone 13.

The company has reportedly moved the speaker from the notch to the edge of the bezel, therefore saving some valuable space that would allow the notch overall to be smaller.

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