Apple Now Pays Less for Your Used Android Phone

One of the easiest ways to make the switch from Android to iPhone is to just head over to an Apple Store, hand them your Android device, get some store credit, and therefore buy Apple’s smartphone at a discounted price.

Apple’s trade-in program can obviously bring you hundreds of dollars depending on the Android phone that you own, but as it turns out, the Cupertino company is no longer willing to pay as much as it did in the past.

In other words, Apple has reduced the estimated value of Android devices as part of its program, so for example, the top discount is no longer $545 but only $405.

MacRumors discovered the change, and it apparently affects all Android devices currently in the market, no matter if they are flagships or not.

How much money you get for an Android device

Needless to say, most people who want to trade-in their Android devices are S… (read more)

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