Apple Opens an Apple Store in Wuhan

Apple has officially expanded its Apple Store network with one new addition, this time beyond the borders of the United States.

The new location is none other than Wuhan, as Apple says that by opening an Apple Store in the Hubei province it can more efficiently serve the growing Apple community in the region.

Unfortunately, many people now know Wuhan for a completely different reason, but for Apple, the new location makes perfect sense, possibly from a sales perspective.

The company hasn’t offered such specifics, but the company did mention picking online orders as one of the main targets of the new store.

“We are incredibly excited to open our first Apple Store in Hubei Province. Our highly dedicated team of Specialist experts is looking forward to welcoming customers from this vibrant community starting this Saturday. This retail store brings new design elements to China for the first time, giving customers more ways to explore ideas, learn more about Apple pro… (read more)

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