Apple Quietly Removes Headphone Adapter from iPhone 8 and iPhone 7

Apple ditched the headphone jack a few years ago when it launched the iPhone 7, and now the company is making another controversial decision by removing the 3.5mm audio adapter from all older models.

This means that if you purchase a new iPhone today, regardless of the model you choose, a headphone adapter would no longer be included in the box, so you’ll have to purchase it separately from the Apple Store.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were the first iPhone models to come without the 3.5mm audio adapter in the box. On the other hand, both iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 were offered with the dongle at first.

The change was noticed by reddit user aeppacher who says they work at Verizon.

“Just had a customer buy an iPhone 8. I told them they would get a dongle and was surprised to see it missing in the box. I assumed this was a packaging error … (read more)

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