Apple Starts the App War, Will Remove Outdated Titles from the Store

September 7 isn’t only the day when Apple is launching the new iPhone 7, but also when the company starts a thorough cleaning process that will have apps that don’t comply with updated guidelines removed completely.

Specifically, what Apple wants is for all apps to be functional and up to date, so a review team will evaluate all of them and remove the ones that do not follow the guidelines.

Absolutely all apps in all categories will get through this reviewing process, and Apple says that those that crash on launch will be removed immediately.

Developers will be notified via email that their apps need to be updated and will have 30 days to release an update before getting back in the store. Also, devs who need to make certain changes to their apps to comply with guidelines will have a month to implement them before they receive a remov… (read more)

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