Apple User Says iPhone 7 Exploded Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Tech companies are often accused of using each other’s ideas to improve their products, but this time, Apple might have copied the wrong feature from Samsung.

An exploded iPhone 7 is now making the headlines all over the world, after an Apple customer posted photos of the new model on reddit, claiming that this is exactly how he received the phone.

While it’s hard to say if this is a fake claim or not, the redditor explains that “something happened between the factory and delivery,” so the iPhone he received was completed destroyed.

There’s something fishy

And while we wouldn’t be surprised to see an iPhone 7 exploding due to faulty batteries – after all, defective units can be shipped to pretty much any manufacturer out there, there are several details that don’t seem to align with claims that Apple’s new phone exploded.

First of all, if you look very close at th… (read more)

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