Apple Watch Fall Detection And the 4th Amend. Community Caretaking Exception

One of the top features coming to the Apple Watch Series 4 is Fall Detection, which although may be a life-saving tool, isn’t exactly flawless.

While recent tests have shown that the new Watch doesn’t always detect a fall, there’s a new controversy on the WWW over how the device can alert 911 automatically in case of an emergency.

First, this is how Fall Detection works. When the device detects that you’ve fallen down, it displays an alert on the screen along with a short vibration. “It looks like you’ve taken a hard fall,” the notification reads.

Users are allowed to choose from a couple of options, like I didn’t fall or I fell but I’m OK, otherwise, the Apple Watch can start a call to 911 automatically in 1 minute.

This automatic dial to emergency services is what’s making some people concerned over a 4th Amendment scenario. Elizabeth Joh, law… (read more)

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