Apple Watch Wearers Invited to Do Something Good for Their Hearts, Win New Award

Apple has invited Apple Watch wearers to do something good for their heart in the month of Cupid and promises to award them with a new “Heart Month Challenge” achievement they can keep forever.

It’s February, Cupid’s month, and Apple Watch wearers can win a new achievement for their beloved smartwatches, and also do something good for their heart by doing some exercises for a week, until Valentine’s Day.

The new achievement was presented to most Apple Watch owners the other day, but it’s valid from today until Valentine’s Day, on February 14. It’s called “Heart Month Challenge” and you can see on the top of the Achievements page of the Activity app on your iPhone.

Here’s what you have to do to win the “Heart Month Challenge” medal

To win the “Heart Month Challenge” achievement, you’ll have to close your Exercise ring on your Apple Watch seven days in a row, starting today, February 8, until February 14, a.k.a. on Valentine’s Day,… (read more)

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