Apple Will Let Users Find Their iPhones Even If They’re Turned Off

Apple has officially introduced iOS 15, with a preview available right now, while the stable build is projected to go live for everybody with a supported iPhone in the fall.

And just as expected given it’s a major operating system update, iOS 15 comes with plenty of new features, including updated Find My capabilities that essentially allow iPhone owners to find their devices even if they’re shut down.

And we all know what this means.

In most cases, when someone steals a smartphone, the first thing they do is to shut it down, which essentially means the device can no longer be tracked. But Apple is now making even this super-effective method useless, as an iPhone running iOS 15 can be located not only when it’s up and running, but also when it’s powered off.

iOS 15 launching in the fall

The Cupertino-based tech giant hasn’t provided too many details as to how this new feature is supposed to work, but most likely, it’ll use a system similar to th… (read more)

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