Apple Working on Dedicated Chipset for AI on Devices

, Apple Working on Dedicated Chipset for AI on DevicesApple is reportedly working on a new chipset that would support various AI features, including facial and speech recognition, according to Bloomberg. It seems that Apple wishes to bring exciting new features to the market, just like it did when the iPhone 4s was introduced with support for Siri.

Since 2011, when Apple incorporated Siri in the iPhone 4s, other companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Samsung launched their own virtual assistants and some offer more features than Siri. Google Assistant is integrated in a number of devices and will soon receive more features, which the tech giant announced during its Google I/O event earlier this month.

Still, out of all virtual assistants available on the market, Siri speaks the most languages and has even started learning dialects. At the moment, Apple uses the central processing unit and th… (read more)

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