Apple’s iPhone 13 Cases Leaked Online

Apple is getting ready to take the wraps off the new iPhone 13 as part of a dedicated event this week, but until this happens, more information about the upgraded smartphones makes the headlines through unofficial channels.

This time, leaker Majin Bu has published online what seems to be the official lineup of iPhone 13 cases, which comprises both silicon and leather models.

At the first glance, and of course, if the leak is true, Apple wants to launch more vibrant colors for the iPhone 13 cases, as the leak shows colors like dark blue, orange, light blue, red, cream, pink, and graphite. The leather cases come in lilac, black, green, brown, and dark.

iPhone 13 coming this week

The new cases could come alongside new colors for the iPhone 13 as well, as rumor has it Apple could give up on the green version available on the standard version and instead introduce a pink mode… (read more)

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