Apple's Main Supplier in Asia Stops Illegal Overtime Work at iPhone X Factory

Following complaints from high school students, Foxconn, Apple’s main supplier in Asia, has put a stop to the illegal overtime work at its iPhone X factory in China.

Earlier this week, a Finacial Times report cited accounts of six high school students from Zhengzhou Urban Rail Transit School who claimed they were forced to work overtime at Foxconn’s iPhone X plant in China, assembling over 1,200 iPhone X camera every single day.

In its defense, Foxconn immediately replied that the students were paid for their overtime work at the iPhone X plant, but it’s still illegal to use high school students over the 40 hours they were supposed to do the factory as a “legal” requirement if they wanted to be hired there after graduation.

Apple confirmed that students worked illegal overtime at Foxconn and issued a statement … (read more)

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