Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 13 to Cost the Same as iPhone 12

We’re only a few months away from the moment the iPhone 13 is projected to see the daylight, and a report from TrendForce provides us with a closer look at what’s expected to be the official pricing Apple might use for the new lineup.

The analyst firm says the iPhone 13 is very likely to have the same prices as the iPhone 12, which means that Apple isn’t planning any price increase this year.

This is good news especially for those who didn’t get an iPhone 12 and waited for the next model to upgrade, with TrendForce explaining that Apple’s main focus would be to optimize the experience with the current models.

“TrendForce also believes that Apple will continue the proactive pricing strategy that it adopted in 2020 so as to maintain its market share for high-end smartphones. Even though prices of some key components have risen due to tightening supply, Apple is taking into account of the growth in the revenue of peripheral services in relation to the growth of iPho… (read more)

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