Astonishing iOS 12 Concept Envisions Dark Mode, a "Sound Bar," and Guest Mode

We can’t wait until June to see what Apple has in store for the upcoming major versions of its iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS operating systems, so, for now, we can only dream of the new features.

iOS News And More recently published an astonishing iOS 12 concept on Behance, giving us wings to dream big on the new features. So step back for a moment, relax, and imagine your iPhone with a dark mode, a new sound bar for changing the volume, guest mode, multiple timers in the Clock app, and split view.

Imagine your iPhone X unlocking automatically without you having to swipe to unlock, that would be a nice feature to have on iOS 12. To better protect your private data, imagine iOS 12 allowing you to lock some of the default iOS apps with Face ID or Touch ID, which many third-party developers already implemented in their apps.

A Guest Mode is probably one of the most requested features ever for Apple’s iOS m… (read more)

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