Chinese Companies Threaten to Fire Workers Who Buy the iPhone 7

China isn’t exactly the market where Apple feels like home and this thing is even more obvious now after the launch of the iPhone 7 when several companies are planning to fire workers who purchase the new model.

Although it might not makes sense at all at first glance, there are several reasons why firms in China are fighting to stop employees from buying the new iPhone.

First of all, it’s because Chinese are trying to be patriotic, so they claim that by boycotting foreign products, they can thus encourage workers to purchase devices manufactured locally.

This is the case of Henan-based firm Nanyang Yongkang Medicine Company, which has already submitted notifications to its workers to tell them that buying the iPhone 7 is strictly forbidden. “If you break this rule, then just come to the office straight way to hand in your resignation,” it says according to the <a href="… (read more)

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