Company Building Android-Powered “iPhone” Wants Apple to Drop the iPhone Brand

, Company Building Android-Powered “iPhone” Wants Apple to Drop the iPhone BrandApple is one of the companies that are most often sent to court for a wide variety of things, including patent infringement, but what we have here is a pretty different claim that a Brazilian company just doesn’t want to give up on.

IGB Electronica, a company that owns a subsidiary called Gradiente, launched a series of Android smartphones in Brazil back in 2012 that was called IPHONE.

And while the name resemblance with Apple’s flagship product is more than obvious despite the capital letters, the Brazilian company believed it was the one holding the rights over the trademark, so it moved the dispute against Apple to court.

Surprisingly, the Brazilian court originally ruled in the favor of IGB Electronica, but a higher court then decided to allow both companies to use the iPhone branding in the country. While this was a little bit confusing for customers, IGB El… (read more)

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