Don’t Buy an iPhone Or Else, Huawei Supplier Threatens Employees

, Don’t Buy an iPhone Or Else, Huawei Supplier Threatens EmployeesYou hit me, we hit you. This seems to be the motto of team Huawei after the arrest of CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada, with one supplier fighting back against the United States by threatening its employees with fines if they purchase iPhones.

While Apple has nothing to do with the troubled tech giant in this growing tension between China and the United States over the arrest of Huawei’s executive, LCD panel manufacturer Menpad believes that the best way to show its support for the company that gives it millions is to forbid its workers to purchase American devices.

And needless to say, American devices pretty much come down to iPhones, so Menpad says that whoever buys an Apple smartphone will be fined with the same amount they paid for the device.

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