Encrypted Drives Will Work on iOS 14 (with a Huge Catch)

, Encrypted Drives Will Work on iOS 14 (with a Huge Catch)Apple has already announced iOS 14 at the WWDC conference earlier this month, with a preview build available for download, and the more people install it, the more details about the update make the headlines.

This time, it was discovered that iOS 14 will finally support encrypted drives, and while it all sounds like good news for everybody, there’s one huge catch here.

First and foremost, how will encrypted drives work in the new OS version? Well, the whole thing will be similar to accessing data stored on an encrypted drive on any other platform.

So you just connect it to the iOS 14 device, with the drive to show up in the sidebar of the Files app. You’re prompted to enter the password to read the encrypted data and that’s pretty much all about it.

The catch

Needless to say, the Files app plays a key role in the whole thing, and this is pr… (read more)

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