Eufy Launches a Cheaper AirTag Alternative

Apple’s AirTag has completely reinvented the GPS tracker market, and since its debut not a very long time ago, the device truly served its purpose in so many cases (except for the nefarious users that stalkers across the world discovered pretty fast).

The AirTag costs $29.99, while a pack of 4 trackers can be yours for $99.99.

But if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, eufy has something that’s totally worth checking out. Called SmartTrack Link, the company’s new device also uses a rather small form factor and relies on the Find My network to provide you with its location.

The feature lineup is very similar to the one of the AirTag, and it includes the following capabilities:

Works with Apple Find My: Just use the pre-installed Find My app and add SmartTrack Link to the items tab. You can then locate it anywhere in the world using Apple’s network of millions of devices.
Find Your Phone in Silent Mode: Avoi… (read more)

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