Faster Wireless Charging Enabled on iPhone 8/iPhone X with iOS 11.2

, Faster Wireless Charging Enabled on iPhone 8/iPhone X with iOS 11.2One of the biggest changes coming to the iPhone device lineup with the release of 2017 models is the addition of wireless charging, a feature that has been around for several years already on Android devices.

And while many considered that it’s better late than never for wireless charging on the iPhone, Apple’s new feature was offered with substantial speed limitations, allowing for only 5 watts charging with compatible Qi wireless chargers.

Apple promised faster wireless charging speed from the very beginning, but little has been said about the timeline the company’s engineers had in mind to make this happen.

But as it turns out, Apple unlocked 7.5W wireless charging speed with the release of iOS 11.2 (currently in beta), despite no announcement being made in this regard.

Coming to everyone with iOS 11.2

A report from MacRumors points to a noticeable … (read more)

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