Few iPhone Users Actually Plan to Get an iPhone 13

Apple is getting ready to launch the iPhone 13, and without a doubt, the new models will come with substantial improvements in terms of features and under the hood.

But as it turns out, these are unlikely to spawn a massive upgrade cycle for iPhone users, with a survey conducted recently by Savings on some 1,500 iPhone users revealing that only 10 percent of the existing owners plan to get a new device.

No less than 64 percent said they have zero intention of getting a new iPhone, while 26 percent haven’t made a decision just yet.

Surprisingly, most people who want to upgrade have a new iPhone, and they say the satellite connectivity and the larger batteries are the main catalysts for the move.

“Just one in 10 iPhone users in our survey said they planned to upgrade to the newest iPhone when it’s released, while 26 percent said they weren’t sure yet. Nearly 2 in 3 said they wouldn’t be changing out thei… (read more)

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