Few People Actually Use Apple Pay in the US, It Seems

Apple brags about Apple Pay on every single occasion, and while no official adoption figures are available, it’s believed the global pandemic has completely changed the way people pay for goods, with more and more users switching to digital wallets.

Well, a report from PYMNTS indicates this didn’t actually happen in the United States, as while contactless and cashless payments have declined substantially last year, most people just decided to stick with a credit card and not use a digital wallet like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Furthermore, the survey, which included 3,671 U.S. consumers, reveals that only 6 percent of the Apple users actually rely on Apple Pay for payments in stores across the country.

“Seven years post-launch, new PYMNTS data shows that 93.9% of consumers with Apple Pay activated on their iPhones do not use it in-store to… (read more)

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