Fitbit Finally Working on an Apple Watch Killer

Back in 2016 when we reviewed the Fitbit Blaze, which continues to be Fitbit’s flagship device, we described it as “jack of all trades, master of one” because while it does attempt to be both a smartwatch and an activity tracker, it only achieves being the latter.

And while this does make sense given Fitbit’s exclusive focus on activity trackers, the company has no other solution than to start investing in smartwatch capabilities as well because of one important thing: smartwatch makers are continuously expanding in the activity tracking business as well, so Fitbit’s strategy could soon become obsolete.

But according to the firm’s CEO, this is exactly what Fitbit is trying to do right now, with an app store likely to go live “as soon as possible.” And although the CEO hasn’t yet confirmed a Fitbit smartwatch, it obviously makes sense once an app store is launched.

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