Fitbit Says Its Afib Detector Will Be Different from Apple’s

One of the main selling points of the latest-generation Apple Watch is atrial fibrillation detection, a feature that rival Fitbit still lacks, even on its top devices.

And while Fitbit’s wearables are yet to get such capabilities, the company started working on major improvements in the health department at least since 2017, and atrial fibrillation detection was one of the priorities.

Many expect Fitbit to roll out this feature as soon as this year, but as far as Fitbit CEO James Park is concerned, there’s no reason to be in a hurry. Because, as he explains in an interview with Wareable, it all comes down not to being first to the market with a specific feature, but to actually get it right.

“For us our strategy it’s not been about getting the latest features out there first, so when you see us launch FDA-regulated features like apnea or AFib, we’ll be taking a different approach,” he… (read more)

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