Google to Fix the Photo Backup Bug iPhone Users Loved

, Google to Fix the Photo Backup Bug iPhone Users LovedThe “feature” that allowed iPhone users to have their photos in original quality backed up to Google Photos is actually just a bug, Google has recently explained, and a fix is already on its way.

Google announced the Pixel 4 only a week ago, but fanboys were surprised to find out that it’s not them the ones getting unlimited original quality backups to Google Photos.

Unexpectedly, Google is offering the unlimited backups to iPhone users, and it’s all happening for a reason that makes total sense.

The benefits of HEIC over JPG

iPhones use HEIC and not JPG, a format that substantially reduces file size, so storing files in the cloud isn’t necessarily a big headache. As one redditor explains in an analysis of this unexpected approach, Apple actually helps Google save the computing power the search giant would otherwise use for compressing fi… (read more)

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