Hackers Claims They Breached Apple System Holding User Account Information

A hacker has allegedly obtained access to private Apple tools that the company’s staff uses for managing repairs and after-sales services.

The system, which is said to be holding private account information on Apple customers, is part of the Apple Global Service Exchange (GSX) network.

While the hacker claims that he sells access to Apple’s tools to at least 20 people every day, they could not provide any clear proof to ZDNet that a breach indeed occurred. They returned correct information like model, series, and type of an Apple Watch using the serial number, but instead no details on the account associated with the device were offered.

When asked for such details, the hacker refused to provide more info, with no further screenshots offered as evidence of the hack.

On the other hand, the cited source cites people familiar with Apple’s systems as saying that th… (read more)

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