Headaches and Eye Strain When Using the iPhone X? You’re Not Alone

Apple’s new iPhone X is causing headaches and eye strain to a number of customers due to the implementation of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), a technology that causes the display to flicker at varying frequencies depending on the brightness level.

While PWM has been causing similar problems to sensitive users for a while, this is the first time iPhone X owners are reporting what some describe as “eye strain, headaches, and throbbing pain behind the eyes.”

A post on reddit calls for Apple to add an option in the “Accessibility” settings to allow PWM to be turned off, with two videos (embedded below) showing the difference between the iPhone X (which has the technology) and the iPhone 8 (which doesn’t) when filmed with a slo-mo camera.

“The iPhone X flickers a lot in a manner that’s supposed to be indiscernible to the human eye but for some users this aggress… (read more)

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