HeartMonitor for Apple Watch Can Monitor Your Heart Rate When You're Stressed

If you own an Apple Watch and you have ever wanted to record your heart’s rate and rhythm in nervous situations, such as when you’re stressed, there’s now an app for that, and it’s free.

Australian iOS and watchOS developer Zachary Simone created an app called HeartMonitor that might save your life someday if you’re an Apple Watch wearer. At its core, the app is designed to record so-called sessions of your heart rate from the Apple Watch heart rate sensor without starting an workout.

As the developer notes, HeartMonitor might come in handy in a bunch of nervous situations, such as when you’re watching a horror movie or when you give a presentation or conference talk to your bosses, as well as in other moments of intense excitement. The app will record your heart rate and save the data on your iPhone.

“HeartMonitor is useful for monitoring your heart rate in nervous situations, such as w… (read more)

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