How iOS 13 Improves iPhone Battery Charging

The upcoming release of iOS 13 due in September will include, among other major new features like the dark mode, improvements for the battery charging process on the iPhone.

Called optimized battery charging, this new capability is based on the existing charging system already available for the iPhone to help reduce battery degradation and thus increase the lifespan of an iPhone battery.

iPhones already come with a battery charging management system that allows the process of recharging to run faster until it reaches 80 percent and then slow down for the rest of 20 percent. This helps preserve premature battery degradation, albeit there have been a lot of complaints that the remaining 20 percent takes too long to complete.

All-in on machine learning

What Apple is aiming for with this new system is rely on machine learning in order to allow the battery management system to learn users’ daily charging routine and thus improve the process when the l… (read more)

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