How to Get Notifications on Both iPhone and Apple Watch

UPDATE, JULY 14, 2015: Unfortunately, watchOS 3 doesn’t seem to change the way notifications are handled on the Apple Watch – see the end of the article for more information. Original story below.

If you bought an Apple Watch, you probably noticed that, when you receive new notifications on your iPhone, the smartwatch automatically takes them over, so your phone remains silent without ringing, vibrating, or lighting up.

While at first glance that might be the behavior that many buyers expect to get when setting up an Apple Watch, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, especially because you don’t always want to view notifications or read emails on the smartwatch. Not if the phone is just in front of you, that’s for sure.

Reading an email, for instance, on your iPhone is certainly easier than on the watch, so why not have both devices turn on at the same time when a notification arrives?

While the default c… (read more)

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