Huawei Mocks iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8 During Mate 10 Launch

Huawei has finally introduced the Mate 10 flagship, a model that the company has teased several times in the last couple of months as a true iPhone killer.

A significant part of the unveiling keynote was dedicated to comparisons with Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Apple’s iPhone X and iPhone 8 as Huawei officials tried to highlight how advanced its new models are as compared to those of the competition.

Even though mocking competition isn’t always the way to go, Huawei’s officials poked fun at Apple several times, comparing the Mate 10 with both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X in terms of features and dimensions.

For example, Huawei says Face ID, the facial recognition system that Apple launched with much fanfare on the iPhone X, is a 3-step unlock process that takes too much time, as you need to “raise up the phone, look at the phone, and swipe screen.” The Mate 10 is so much faster, they say, because it comes with a fingerprint sensor.

Avoiding fingerprint senso… (read more)

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