I Tried Google Maps with Apple CarPlay and I’m Going Back to Android Auto

As a long-time iPhone user, I was excited with Apple’s announcement earlier this year at WWDC that third-party navigation apps would come to CarPlay, technically allowing us to use Google Maps or Waze (and not Apple Maps) behind the wheel.

It’s not a secret that Apple Maps isn’t exactly the best mapping product out there, and a simple search on Google shows exactly why.

Navigation instructions that took you in the middle of nowhere, locations that are nowhere to be found, and overall broken mapping data contributed to a mix that made Apple Maps impossible to use not only for me, but for many other iPhone users out there.

In my case, the temporary solution was one that actually pushed me off the iPhone until Apple resolved the CarPlay issue.

Switching to Android Auto, where both Google Maps and Waze run just fine, was the only way to go, and this is exactly what I did when I finally understood the benefits of having the map on my car’s display and not on a smaller… (read more)

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