iFixit Teardown Reveals What’s Inside the iPhone X

, iFixit Teardown Reveals What’s Inside the iPhone XiFixit has just published its own in-depth teardown of the iPhone X, confirming that the battery indeed features two cells placed in an L-shaped layout, but also revealing some very interesting details about the facial recognition system.

First and foremost, opening the iPhone X might prove to be a bit more challenging than it was on previous models, as Apple has used an unusual pentalobe at the bottom of the device that is substantially longer. iFixit speculates that this could be a decision related to the new display.

“Our best guess is that this allows the display a bit of flexibility, while also allowing it to move its mounting bracket toward the interior of the phone, incidentally making room for a beefed-up Lightning connector,” the engineers say.

The internals of the iPhone X are similar to those on previous iPhones, but in addition to the battery, there’s one big change: the logic board … (read more)

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