iOS 14.4 Now Available for iPhone 6s and Newer

Apple has just released iOS 14.4 for all supported iPhones, and this time, there are bigger changes coming to users out there.

There are three notable improvements coming to iPhones out there.

First of all, beginning with this iOS update, the operating system can determine if the camera installed in your iPhone is not genuine. The good news is the OS wouldn’t disable the camera, but the bad news is that a notification would be displayed to let you know the device is unable to verify the camera.

This feature, however, would only be available for the iPhone 12 lineup introduced last fall, so older iPhone models wouldn’t get the notifications no matter if the camera is genuine or not.

Then, iOS 14.4 also comes with improvements for the way the Camera app can scan QR codes, and Apple says smaller codes can now be recognized too.

And last but not least, there are also improvements for Bluetooth device types, as Apple wants to make sure audio notifications for headpho… (read more)

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