iOS 14 Reveals Unexpected Instagram App Camera Access, Company Says It’s a Bug

The upcoming iOS 14 software update for iPhones will come with new privacy controls, including an indicator whenever an application accesses the camera.

And as it turns out, there’s a chance that some apps enable the camera even when they don’t need it.

Instagram is one of the names involved in such a controversy, with some discovering that the Facebook-owned app actually launches the camera even when users do nothing more than scrolling through the feed.

Camera access is required in the Instagram app for things like taking photos and videos, but other than that, the app has no reason to enable the camera for basic activities like a simple browsing through the posts of the accounts someone follows.

Just a bug, fix on its way

However, the camera indicator comes on in Instagram even when the app technically does not require camera access. But according to Instagram itself, the app… (read more)

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