iPhone 11 Bilateral Wireless Charging: Is It There or Not?

, iPhone 11 Bilateral Wireless Charging: Is It There or Not?Earlier this year, people familiar with Apple’s iPhone plans revealed that the new-generation model would come with support for bilateral wireless charging, something which at that point made total sense given Android devices already boasted such capabilities.

Bilateral wireless charging, or reverse wireless charging, allows a smartphone to act as a power bank and charge other devices wirelessly.

In the case of iPhone 11, such a feature would have made it possible to recharge the Apple Watch or AirPods on the go without the need for a traditional charger.

However, bilateral wireless charging is missing from the iPhone 11 despite the earlier speculation, with Apple not saying a single word about it during the September 10 launch event.

This was a bit surprising, but what was even more surprising was the evidence that bilateral wire… (read more)

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