iPhone 13 Pro Max Dummy Reveals the Smaller Notch We’ve All Been Waiting For

Back in 2017, Apple introduced the iPhone X with a controversial design change that was received with mixed feelings by the industry and consumers alike.

Called a notch, the questionable design choice allowed Apple to increase the available screen estate on its modern-generation iPhones while also introducing new features like Face ID for facial recognition. While some made fun of it at first, including rival Samsung, the entire industry ended up using the notch because of its obvious benefits.

Since 2017, however, we’ve kept hearing Apple wanted to make the notch smaller on every new iPhone, though this particular feature has remained largely unchanged throughout all these years.

This is how the dimensions of the notch on the iPhone 12 are pretty much the same as the ones of the notch on the iPhone X, though according to people close to the matter, this is all going to happen in the fall when Apple launches a new model.

iPhone 13 coming in September</str… (read more)

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